KOBLEVO Reserve: the continuation of the brandy area history

In June, the biggest alcohol holding “Bayadera Group” launched a new exclusive brandy KOBLEVO Reserve, which was created in honor of the founder of wine region in the south of Ukraine – Thomas Coble. KOBLEVO Reserve – this is unique brandy blends, which improved by the addition of vintage brandy spirits aged 6 -7 years in oak barrels. Delicacy of taste of vintage brandy spirits gives KOBLEVO Reserve bright aging tones that makes brandy luxurious and distinguished.


15 July 2016 , 13:06
Winery “Koblevo” invites you to visit tasting tours

The Tour to the winery “Koblevo” is an opportunity to see the whole wine production process from growing grapes to bottling wine in a bottle. The tour ends by tasting wines, which are conducted by professional winemakers.


30 May 2016 , 18:20
Cahors wine for Easter table

Easter , one of the most important holidays of the year, is approaching. For a festive table , Ukrainians traditionally choose one of the main attribute of the holiday – Cahors wine. Cahors wine selection  at Easter is as responsible as Champagne on New Year’s Eve. The basic rule is to choose proven brands that will make the holiday memorable and enjoyable.


28 April 2016 , 14:04
KOBLEVO wines have been presented at VinItaly-2016

The major wine forum in Europe – VinItaly-2016 – has recently taken place in Verona. Wine experts from all around the world were gathered here. More than 30 thousand people visited the 50th jubilee exhibition. The delegation of members of the European Parliament, headed by the president of Italy Sergio Mattarella and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, were among the honoured guests. KOBLEVO was the only Ukrainian producer of still wine representing its products at VinItaly-2016.


25 April 2016 , 16:31
THE GRAND SPRING CONCERT from KOBLEVO BRAND: celebrate the beginning of the spring in an unusual way!

On 28 February THE GRAND SPRING CONCERT – one of the most outstanding music events of the year- is going to be held with the support of KOBLEVO brand.

On the penultimate day of the spring, the celebrities of the Ukrainian show business will be gathered in the Kyiv arts palace “Ukraina” to welcome the most romantic season of the year – spring – together with Ukrainians. KOBLEVO brand is inviting you to join the celebration of beauty, spring and the sun!


On this day Irina Bilyk, Loboda, Alexander Ponomarev, Tina Karol, Oksana Bilozir, Potap and Nastia, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Olia Poliakova, Oleg Vinnik, Miata, Vremia i Steklo, Svetlana Tarabarova, Anastasiya Prihodko, Alyosha, the Aviator, Olia Tsybulskaya, Anyuta Slavskaya and Maks Lorens, Yuliasha, Alekseev, Zlata Ognevich are going to perform their most famous hit songs, which are broadcast in the air of “Russkoe Radio Ukraina” (“Russian Radio Ukraine”).

The concert starts at 17.00.

Welcome the spring to the rhythm of the music together with KOBLEVO!

05 February 2016 , 19:22
Mulled wine, prepared with KOBLEVO wines, warms not only your body, but also your soul
17 December 2015 , 18:04
Nearly 10 thousand tons of grapes will be harvested in Koblevo

The harvest season has started in Koblevo. The biggest winery in Ukraine is making preparations to gather up to 10 thousand tons of grapes. Experts are convinced that the 2015 harvest is going to be of exceptionally high quality.


Tatiana Matveeva, the Chief Wine Technician at Public Joint-Stock Company “Koblevo” shared her expectations, “This year appeared to be quite tough for vineyards. The weather conditions during the winter period have led to a reduction of the number of grape clusters, and the drought in the summer has caused the reduction of the average weight of the grape cluster. But at the same time, the grapes are of a really high quality. According to our forecasts, due to the above mentioned factors, the wine of the 2015 season will have a balanced taste and a rich bouquet.”

Traditionally, the harvesting has started with gathering white grape varieties, using specialized cutting- edge combine harvesters from France. Special wine varieties for vintage wines are being harvested exceptionally by hand. With this aim in view, the company has employed 150 seasonal workers.  For instance, the grapes for KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE series are only gathered by hand. The main characteristic feature of the wine is the grapes, planted in a special terroir more than 10 years ago. Before planting the grape varieties for KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE, experts carried out additional detailed tests of the soil cover and the ground, which allowed them to choose the best suitable location area for these varieties. This exclusive series of wines by the best Italian and Ukrainian winemakers appeared this summer.

2.5 thousand hectares of vineyards of Public Joint-Stock Company “Koblevo” are located on the 46th parallel, the same latitude as the well-known French region Beaujolais. On the one side the vineyards are surrounded by the Black Sea, and on the other side by Tiligulsiy estuary. All the territory of the vineyards belonging to Private Joint-Stock Company “Koblevo” is divided into special terroirs for planting certain grape varieties, which contributes to harvesting the best quality grapes. This year almost 10 thousand tons of the best Ukrainian grapes will be gathered here. And no later than in 2016 the winemakers of the Public Joint-Stock Company “Koblevo” are expecting the harvest form the newly-planted vines which take up the area of 103 hectares and were panted 5 years ago.

Both consumers and the experts of wine competitions have high opinion the quality of KOBLEVO natural wines. Thanks to this, KOBLEVO is the number one wine brand in Ukraine in terms of manufacture and consumption.

09 September 2015 , 10:57
KOBLEVO started producing exclusive wines – KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE!

KOBLEVO started producing exclusive wines – KOBLEVO RESERVE WINE!
We launched a new line of bottling of KOBLEVO RESERVE WINES. This is an exclusive series from the best Italian and Ukrainian wine-makers. The main feature of the new wine is grapes, planted in a special terroir more than 10 years ago. Before planting, there were detailed studies of topsoil and soil that allowed to choose the best location of young vines.

11 June 2015 , 11:08
(Рус) Лучший выбор к Пасхе – кагор Коблево

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12 March 2015 , 20:03
(Рус) «Большой весенний концерт» вместе KOBLEVO!

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05 March 2015 , 03:10