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KOBLEVO admitted as the best Ukrainian wine

Kyiv Food and Wine Festival popularity confirms an increasing interest of recognized experts and connoisseurs of high-quality wines towards Ukrainian products. The best Ukrainian wine was defined within the festival. In the category of white wines it was – KOBLEVO Reserve Wine Riesling that received 82.2 points, in the category of red ones- dry KOBLEVO Reserve Wine Cabernet with 83.1 points. Famous sommeliers of Kyiv restaurants, wine journalists and restaurateurs were among professional jury.

It is interesting that grapes for the best wines harvested in Koblevo at night. It is proved that at this time the lowest temperature is and berries are chilled the most.  Producers say it helps to preserve the brightest aroma and taste of grape. Certain sorts of grape are started harvesting since 3 a.m  by hand specifically for an exclusive collection of KOBLEVO Reserve Wine. Winemakers expect that the harvest in 2016 will be as good as in 2015, and new technologies will allow to reach high standards in wine production and to preserve the best organoleptic properties of grape.


This year Dmitry Sidorenko, the President of Ukrainian Association of Sommeliers, has visited the winery “Koblevo”   along with leading sommeliers from restaurant businesses and was impressed by a high level of production: “The program was intense and we were lucky to get a chance to be at a harvest season there. We were personally harvesting the grape Sauvignon Blanc which would be later turned into good wine. For the record, hand harvesting, that means selection only of whole, undamaged and ripe berries, is a labour – intensive process. But it’s the only way how the best wine produced around the world.  In my opinion, KOBLEVO Reserve wine is a totally another wine that reflects producer’s development and the results of a blind tasting confirm that”.

There were nine Ukrainian wineries that took part in «Kyiv Food and Wine Festival» contest. They presented 32 wine samples to the jury. All the wines, white, rose and red, during the tasting were dry.   Among the samples were ordinary and aged, varietal and blended ones.  A wine from every wine region of Ukraine could be tasted there. They were from large plants (6 wineries) as well as from small family wineries (3) .

31 October 2016 , 13:31