Cahors wine for Easter table

28 April 2016 , 14:04

Easter , one of the most important holidays of the year, is approaching. For a festive table , Ukrainians traditionally choose one of the main attribute of the holiday – Cahors wine. Cahors wine selection  at Easter is as responsible as Champagne on New Year’s Eve. The basic rule is to choose proven brands that will make the holiday memorable and enjoyable.


   In Ukraine, the most popular is  Cahors wine  of KOBLEVO , it is chosen by every fourth. The survey of  RTRI analytical agency confirms the leadership of KOBLEVO Cahors wine at the market. Author’s recipe, original taste and bright aroma of KOBLEVO Cahors wine have captivated  millions of Ukrainians, and for many years in a row it has been the best choice for the Easter table. By the way, before the Easter holiday sales of wine in Ukraine increase threefold.

   Today, only manufacturers, who revere traditions and industrial technologies, are able to  please any buyer by true Cahors wine.  That is the very reason for the popularity of Ukrainian KOBLEVO Cahors wine , which  exemplifies ancient traditions of Ukrainian wine, healing power of red wine and a spiritual aspect of the church drink. Cahors wine is ideally served to Easter cake and meat. To feel a unique flavour and taste of Cahors wine, be sure to serve it at room temperature.