Winery “Koblevo” invites you to visit tasting tours

30 May 2016 , 18:20

The Tour to the winery “Koblevo” is an opportunity to see the whole wine production process from growing grapes to bottling wine in a bottle. The tour ends by tasting wines, which are conducted by professional winemakers.


The cost of the tour varies from UAH 75 to 150. The basic tour costs only UAH 75 which provides an opportunity to become familiar with the taste of natural grape wines, learn the niceties of professional tasting, as well as learn the history of a unique wine region Koblevo. At tasting, except natural grape wines, will be tasted 8 types of wine and also be presented vermouth, brandy, sparkling wine and fruit wines.

Each year, the tasting room of the winery “Koblevo” is visited by thousands of visitors from Ukraine and other countries, among professional tasters, connoisseurs of high-quality natural wines and wishers to discover the wine region Koblevo.

Additional Information:

Tour group: 10 – 30 people.

Working time: Monday – Friday (10:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 16:00) by appointment.

Tel.: +38 (098) 321-05-39; +38 (063) 616-81-28