KOBLEVO Reserve: the continuation of the brandy area history

15 July 2016 , 13:06

In June, the biggest alcohol holding “Bayadera Group” launched a new exclusive brandy KOBLEVO Reserve, which was created in honor of the founder of wine region in the south of Ukraine – Thomas Coble. KOBLEVO Reserve – this is unique brandy blends, which improved by the addition of vintage brandy spirits aged 6 -7 years in oak barrels. Delicacy of taste of vintage brandy spirits gives KOBLEVO Reserve bright aging tones that makes brandy luxurious and distinguished.


Industrial fashion legislators, British agency LBC (London Brand Consulting) designed a modern bottle for KOBLEVO Reserve brandy. The design counts every detail, proportion verified as precisely as possible, in addition, for the first time in the brandy market is used elegant encircling label. The new design has no analogues in European and Ukrainian markets; it is a challenge to society, and a new trend in the world of modern packaging.

A Head of Wine and Brandy area of “Bayadera Group” Dmitry Pilipishin: “Continuing the expert traditions of Thomas Coble, the company has set a task of creating the best examples of brandy art. That is why we have paid special attention to the product itself, as well as its unique presentation. The bottle of brandy KOBLEVO Reserve will definitely stand out on the shelf with its bright memorable design, and the brandy itself will be appreciated by connoisseurs”.